Wholesale of original, famous brands of women’s coats, jackets and sweaters to any country of the world (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, etc.) AMY GEE, FASHION VICTIMS, GUESS, YES MISS and wholesale of many other brands of women’s jackets, coats and sweaters. We carefully sort women’s jackets, coats and sweaters and sell them to you in accordance with the prevailing season. The entire range of women’s jackets, sweaters and coats for wholesale prices you can see here in the online wholesale catalogue or in our German warehouse at the address Vogelsangstraße Str. 6, 74252 Massenbachhausen. We communicate with customers from all around the world, therefore we know what products are suitable for your commercial market. We are able to prepare all orders (even the largest ones) within 1-2 days. We have a special production demonstration area (Show Room) in our premises. You are welcomed! Do you have inquiries about online purchase in wholesale quantities? You have insufficient information and this interferes with decision making? You need advice on selection of item positions? Do not hesitate and contact sales managers.

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