“Inter Großhandel GmbH” is a wholesaler of women’s dresses. The company sells items and delivers them to all countries of the world (Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Belarus and many other destinations). In our range consisting of more than 70 brands you will find famous manufacturers of classic and casual dresses, even such exclusive brands as GUESS, CONBIPEL, CARAMELO, AMY GEE, YUMI, KAFFE and other. We carefully sort the clothes and form clothing mixes in accordance with brands and/or categories and size lines. The entire range of stylish dresses together with wholesale prices you can see upon arrival to our warehouse (address: Vogelsangstraße Str. 6, 74252 Massenbachhausen) or you may visit our online wholesale products catalogue here (see below). In our premises, you will be welcomed by professional sales manager who will take you to Show Room and will demonstrate the latest collections of dresses and will assist you on selection of the most suitable brands and positions. We always consider seasonality. Therefore, we can offer wholesale fashionable dresses suitable both for autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons for a wholesale price and in wholesale quantities. You can order wholesale dresses online by contacting sales team or you can arrive to our warehouse where you will be able to familiarize an entire range of wholesale dresses. And the sales manager specially assigned to you will advise and assist.

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"MASSANA" clothes for women