Stylish and original men’s shirts and T-shirts for a wholesale price and in wholesale quantities sold online. We offer the following range: wholesale men’s classic shirts and casual T-shirts. CATBALOU, DIADORA, ADIDAS, GAUDI, KUDO and a range of many other manufacturers of men’s shirts and T-shirts.  Having regard to seasonality we prepare mixes of clothes both for autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons.

You can find a full range of wholesale clothes here in the online wholesale catalogue or upon arrival to our warehouse (at the address: Vogelsangstraße Str. 6, 74252 Massenbachhausen, Germany). Here you will be welcomed by professional sales team. These professionals will take you to show room specially designed for customers and will present to you the latest clothing positions and will assist on selection of the brands that suit you best.  

Do you have inquiries about online purchase in wholesale quantities? 

You have insufficient information and this interferes with decision making? 

You need advice on selection of item positions? 

Do not hesitate and contact sales managers here.

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