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About Us

1.    ABOUT US

 We are Inter-Grosshandel, one of the biggest wholesale clothing company. Having been supplying wholesale clothes, accessories and shoes since 2005, we have the right knowledge, connections and resources to supply international or independent retailers with quality products.

For our customers, we have more than 100 well-known brands, 700 000 products and over 200 offers.  All products are carefully selected and sorted by gender, category, size and brand.  Only high - quality products, door-to-door logistics to more than 80 countries, large selection of products from wide variety of manufacturers, excellent customer service, online shop, cash & carry warehouse  - it’s all about us.



We give exceptional attention for each client. That is why they always comes back to us. Personal consultations on various issues (including taxes, advices for beginners in fashion business etc.) and personal offers are guaranteed. Our professional sales team have not less than five years’ work experience. They communicate in many languages (EN, DE, LT, RU, PL etc.).



From 2005 since now we gained invaluable experience. We grew up to international level thanks to our dedicated employees, loyal clients and other business partners.

It is worth mentioning that we have clients in all around the world. We work hard and sincere to get Your trust.

Our customers are various wholesalers, retail chains, shops, boutiques, E-shops from all around the world. Be one of them!



High - quality production that we get, obligate us to make high-quality presentation for our customers.  In this matter, we have our own photo studio and professional photographers team. So major part of visual information that we show to our customers are made by ourselves.



We supply only original and new products.